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  • Weld Fillet Gauge

  • Leaf Type Weld Gauge - 7 Leaves

  • Bridge Cam Weld Gauge

  • Automatic Weld Gauge

  • Hi-Lo Welding Gauge

  • 12 Leaves Weld Gauge Cum Radius Set

  • Pipe Pit Gauge

  • Digital Welding Gauge

  • V Wac weld gauge

  • Skew T Fillet Weld Gauge

  • Pocket Fillet Weld gauge - 2 Key

Kristeel Products

Pipe Pit Gauge - Model PPG

This small pocket sized stainless steel gauge is designed to identify the condition of pipe like Depth of Pit, Pipe thickness etc. Gauge includes 110mm long scale in Metric & Inch. Conversion Table available on back side & formulas on top.
Range:- 0 to 13mm
Finish:- Polish

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