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  • Rose Wood Squares

  • Brass Caliper Gauge

  • Hook Rule

  • Miter Square

  • Mini Torpedo Level

  • Mini Sliding Bevel

  • Dovetail Square

  • Mini Rosewood Planes

  • Brass Centre Finder

  • Bevel Gauge

  • Wooden Scratch Awl

  • Sliding Bevel

  • Wooden Scraper Holder

  • Wooden Scrapers Blade Set

  • Brass Bars

  • Delux Brass Dovetail Marker

  • Rule Stopper

  • Stainless Steel Dovetail Marker

  • Brass Set Square

Kristeel Products

Rule Stopper

The Stainless Steel Rule stoppers are designed to fit comfortably between thumb & fore finger with raised ridges for a better grip. It can fit rulers from 22.2 mm to 28.5 mm wide & upto 1.2 mm thick with the length ranging from 150mm to 600 mm slide the stop over the ruler & tight it at the desired position. The notched part of the brass adjustment screw ensures even the thinest rulers to be champed securely. This rulers stop has precise application as it provides a solid reference point.

Popularly used in the woodworking industry, general sheet metal fabrication industry.

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