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Wood Working Tools

  • Rose Wood Squares

  • Brass Caliper Gauge

  • Hook Rule

  • Miter Square

  • Mini Torpedo Level

  • Mini Sliding Bevel

  • Dovetail Square

  • Mini Rosewood Planes

  • Brass Centre Finder

  • Bevel Gauge

  • Wooden Scratch Awl

  • Sliding Bevel

  • Wooden Scraper Holder

  • Wooden Scrapers Blade Set

  • Brass Bars

  • Delux Brass Dovetail Marker

  • Rule Stopper

  • Stainless Steel Dovetail Marker

  • Brass Set Square

Kristeel Products

Stainless Steel Dovetail Marker

In cutting dovetails joints by hand, it is essential to mark the pins at the same angle throughout the length of the joint. This dovetail marker will enable you to mark dovetails at two slopes, 1:8 as well as 1:5. The steeper slope is used in hardwoods and the other in softwoods. Now you can mark all your dovetail joints quickly and accurately.

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