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Wood Working Tools

  • Rose Wood Squares

  • Brass Caliper Gauge

  • Hook Rule

  • Miter Square

  • Mini Torpedo Level

  • Mini Sliding Bevel

  • Dovetail Square

  • Mini Rosewood Planes

  • Brass Centre Finder

  • Bevel Gauge

  • Wooden Scratch Awl

  • Sliding Bevel

  • Wooden Scraper Holder

  • Wooden Scrapers Blade Set

  • Brass Bars

  • Delux Brass Dovetail Marker

  • Rule Stopper

  • Stainless Steel Dovetail Marker

  • Brass Set Square

Kristeel Products

Dovetail Square

These Dovetail Squares are made of Steel (Chrome Plated) and have a stock made of Rose Wood.They can be provided to customer in various ratios as per their requirement. Ideal Dovetail Ratios are 1:6 & 1:8. They are basically used for marking Dovetails and 90 degree angles.

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