Kristeel | SMT Stencils, Laser Cut & Chemically Etched Stencils

SMT Stencils

KRISTEEL is proud to call itself a “Full service stencil supplier”. with all current manufacturing technologies in–house to meet your printing needs.

  • Laser Cut stencils

  • Chemically etched stencils

  • Dual technology stencils (a combination of chemical, etching the standard pitch component apertures and laser cutting the fine pitch component apertures)

Whether you’re a contract manufacturer or an OEM, you have one simple thing in common. When a line is down, you’re losing money. With every tick of the clock your profits are disappearing. That’s when you find out if your stencil vendor is really a part of your team.

It takes experience, skill and a genuine commitment of serve you, that’s the kind of commitment you’ll get from Kristeel. The same quality and service that made us partner to technology legends in the early days will make us a valuable asset to your SMT production line.

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