Thick Film Screen Solar Cells

Thick Film Screen
Solar Cells

Hybrid microcircuit solar screens UPS's of thick film screens

  • Manufactured in technical collaboration with M/s. Micro Circuit Engineering Corporation , U.S.A.

  • Consumables , Stainless steel mesh, emulsion etc, are imported from overseas suppliers.

  • Mesh stretching on imported pneumatic stretching machine.

  • Complete thick film screen can be delivered in 4 working days

  • Our Production, Marketing and Design Department are trained overseas to give you complete solution for Thick Film Screens.

  • Stringent Statistical Quality Control Norms.

  • Expertise in supplying 'Imaged, 'Precoated', 'Mesh only' screens and Frames.

  • Uniform coating thickness.

  • Range of Emulsions for various applications.

  • Long print life of screen.

  • Screen for fine line resolution printing.

  • Custom made frames.

Thick Film Screens

Pre-requisities to manufacture thick films screens

  • Inputs such as any of the following

  • Drawing

  • Photo Film

Industrial application

  • Solar cells

  • Hybrids

  • Resistors

  • Capacitors

  • Defence

  • Commercial printing

Compact disc printing screens

    USP's of CD printing screens
  • Manufactured in technical collaboration with M/s. Micro Circuit Engineering Corporation, U.S.A.

  • Screens supplied in following formats :-

Frame Only

Frame Only

Screen Frames supplied for your in-house mesh stretching process.

Mesh Only

Mesh Only

The World's finest high tension/low elongation monofilament polyester meshes appropriately tensioned and adhered to our / your screen frames.



Our precision Mesh Only screens uniformly coated to the desired stencil thickness with one of our advanced photopolymer or Dual - Curing screen emulsion systems, ready for imaging in your own in- house exposure system.



Our PRESENSITIZED emulsion screens exposed with your supplied artwork to ensure precise image reproduction and thorough curing of the emulsion for excellent print definition and maximum stencil durability.

Industrial Application

  • Music

  • Entertainment

  • Software

  • Educational

Products format and services

  • “MESH ONLY” SCREENS : Quality Stainless Steel and Polyester meshes properly stretched and balanced to optimal tension across our (or your) frames at any of the following angles : 45°, 30°, 22 ½ ° & 90° (+ 3%).

  • “PRECOATED” SCREENS : Our high-performance Bi-Sensitized or PVA/PVOH emulsions uniformly coated onto our stretched screens from 0.0001” to 0.0300” thick (in 0.0001” increments), ready for quick exposure and easy development in your facility.

  • “IMAGED” SCREENS : Screens arrive at your facility ready to print. Highly skilled, quality-conscious KRISTEEL-MEC technicians image and develop your screens from film positives you supply or we generate from your supplied drawing or CAD data.

Tension vs Deflection

When monitoring screen mesh tightness, KRISTEEL-MEC recommends checking mesh “tension”, measured in newton per centimeter (n/cm), rather than testing screen “deflection” in mils per pound. Tension testing will reveal any difference in tightness between the two perpendicular mesh wire directions within a single screen, which the deflection method cannot detect. Measuring in n/cm also provides a means of determining whether or not the mesh was taken beyond its recommended “yield point” during the stretching process.

Tension recommendation for KRISTEEL-MEC stainless steel wire cloth :

MESH COUNT(wires per inch) WIRE DIAMETER (inches) MESH TENSION RANGE (n/cm)
165 0.0020 34 to 40
200 0.0016 29 to 35
250 0.0016 33 to 39
280 0.0012 27 to 33
325 0.0011 26 to 32