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S.W.G. Round Wire Gauge

SKU: Model - 1505
MATERIAL: 1.0 thick S.S.202 / S.S.420 H&T
RANGE: 1 to 36 SWG incremental of 1 gage
FINISH: Polished (optional satin chrome plated)

Standard Wire Gauge sizes on top side and same converted in mm. on backside. Gauge made of stainless steel with fine grounded finish (Size: – O/85 X 1thick). Useful to check the sheet thickness and Wire diameters in SWG/mm. Due to Center Hole O/25 it is easy to handle and hold the gauge while checking.


AVAILABLE OTHER MODELS:  1) American wire gauge for Ferrous metal 2) American Wire Gauge for Nonferrous Metal. Both are in 2.5 thick. CRCA sheet with Satin Chrome plated (in Federal std.)


Note: American Wire Gauge (AWG) wire sizing is a North American standard, in which the wire area is measured by to indicate conductor size. The AWG is used to measure certain conductors including copper. The higher the AWG number the thinner the wire. This is because American Wire Gauge stems from a measurement that represented the number of times the copper wire was run through a wire machine that reduced the diameter of the wire. Thus 24-gauge wire went through the machine 6 more times than 18-gauge wire.


Gauge is packed in PVC pouch with printed card of Gauge Conversion chart for instant reference

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