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Aluminium Rafter Square

Material: Aluminium
Least Count: 1/8" & 1°
Accuracy: IS:4017 (0.01/10mm)
Finish: Black Anodised
Range: 0-7"
Graduation: Laser marked 0-7" & 0-90° both sides
The Rafter Square is an essential tool for any woodworker. This high-quality square provides precise and accurate measurements for all your carpentry projects. The durable aluminum construction ensures long-lasting use, while the easy-to-read markings make it simple to use. With the Rafter Square, you can ensure your projects are square and precise every time.

A rafter square, also known as a framing square, is a versatile tool used in woodworking and construction to make precise measurements and cut angles for rafters, stair stringers, and other building components. Here are some basic steps for using a rafter square:


Determine the measurement: The rafter square has two arms, the tongue and the blade, with different measurements and scales marked on them. Choose the measurement you need and align the corresponding scale with the edge of the board you’re working on.

Mark the board: Use a pencil to mark the board at the appropriate measurement, either along the blade or the tongue.

Cut the angle: Use a saw to make the cut along the marked line, following the edge of the rafter square.

Make perpendicular cuts: To make perpendicular cuts, such as for framing or joists, use the square to align the board at 90 degrees. Align the blade with one edge of the board, and use it to mark a perpendicular line.

Use the protractor: Some rafter squares come with a built-in protractor for making angled cuts. To use the protractor, align the desired angle with the edge of the board and mark the cut line.



Note: Always wear appropriate safety equipment, such as safety glasses and ear protection, when using power tools. And, always make sure your tools are in good condition and properly maintained to ensure accuracy and safety.

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