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CNC Tool Setting Gauge

MATERIAL: Aluminum.
ACCURACY: Within 1°
FINISH: Machine Polished.

Set up grinding wheel on centerline of tooth rest for cutter grinding. Set table stops on horizontal mills.

All edges of the Tool Setting Gage V-body are accurately machined and may be used for vial calibration to suit your intended use.

The Vial body may be positioned on either side of the V-body for easier use in different applications.

The level of the machine is NOT important as the Tool Setting Gage is calibrated from the machine at the time of use.


Accurately sets turning, boring and facing tools on the centerline of the work piece. Index hex, squares, etc., shapes on milling machines.

To Calibrate Vial:

Place the V- body on a machine component whose angle is parallel to the cutter in feed path (This may be the machine bed, cross slide, turret top, etc.) Now zero and lock the level vial. The gage is ready to use.

To Center Cutting Tool:  After round stock has been chucked, place gage with the “V” section against the work piece as shown. Rest the 90° angle edge on the cutting tool. Adjust cutting tool until vial shows center line. The cutting tool is now centered with the center of the machine spindle and ready to use.

For Inverted Tools: Calibrate gage so that the cutting tool gaging surface contacts the bottom of the cutting tool. (Tool Setting Gage is upside down.)

During calibration the gage must always be positioned in the same direction that it will be used.


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