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Universal Bevel Protractor

Material: Stainless Steel, Hardened & Tempered
Range: 0-360°
Least Count: Angular-5 minutes.
Graduations: 0-360°
Finish: Fine Polished
High-precision angle gauge for accurate angle measurement of machines, moulds & jigs. It can be attached to the height gauge.
Comes with a blade length of 150/300mm & with acute attachment.


  • Universal Bevel Protractor is a high precision angle gauge for setting and inspecting all types of machines, metal moulds and Jigs, fixtures.
  • Universal Bevel Protractor is supplied with blades, an Acute angle attachment, a holder for Height gauge and a Magnifying glass.
  • Universal Bevel Protractor is more valuable and useful than a conventional angle gauge on the fact that fine adjustment of the blade can be obtained by the fine adjusting knob after untightening the clamp at the center, thus any angle can be laid out or measured with high accuracy. Blade 150 mm. (6″) and 300 mm. (12″) are available.


  • Minimum reading (least count) is 5 minutes.
  • Main scale and Vernier scale are on the same plane to eliminate reading parallax.
  • Fine adjustment of the blade insures precision measuring and laying out of angle.
  • Main parts are of hardened stainless steel to prevent rust.
  • Combined with an attachment or Height gauge, a wide range of measurement is available.

The blade can be clamped by rotating the knob in either direction clockwise or anticlockwise. lf you feel tightness in unclamping rotate the clamp knob in the reverse direction. Do not rotate the knob with the tools in this case, or it may damage the instrument.

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