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KRISLON has a total solution for twisting fibrillated PP Tape or FDY-PPMF twisting required for stitching woven Bags or manufacturing of weaving / string / strapping etc.  We are one of the largest Industrial Yarn Twisting Machine manufacturers in India in the name of “Krislon” Brand.

Majority of FIBC Manufacturers in India have our KRISLON T.F.O. Twisting machines, which are suitable from Denier range 500 D to 5000 D are in operation. Machines are made to customer’s specification and have following special features.

Industrial Yarn Twisting machine Krislon

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Industrial Yarn Twisting machine Krislon
Industrial Yarn Twisting Machine- KRISLON
Industrial Yarn Twisting Machine- KRISLON
Industrial Yarn Twisting Machine- KRISLON
Industrial Yarn Twisting machine Krislon
TFO Yarn Machine

Highlighted or Technical Features:

  • Machines developed with technical assistance from M/s. R.P.R. – Italy.
  • We have also developed a model with PLC Controlled Servo Drive in collaboration with Bombay Textile Research Association (BTRA) and supplied too many customers at extra cost.
  • Very rugged Cast Iron frames thus least vibration at higher speeds.
  • Swinging type dynamically balanced spindles allowing instantaneous start & stop.
  • Highest throughput speed about 120 Mts. per min with low power consumption.
  • Pot diameter ranging from 190mm to 300mm.
  • Adjustable ball on breakers-allowing to process a wide range of deniers.
  • Machines in operation for more than 33 years.
  • Supply of Integrated spare parts assembled in TFO machine available in genuine quality.
  • Machines available from 12 Spindles up to 90 Spindles depending on individual requirement.
  • More Than 550 machines are in operation.
  • Human Machine Interface (HMI) – Auto & Manual mode of use & digital display with dashboards enables ease of access.
  • Production reports available & can be derived in the form of Excel.

Salient Features in Servo Controlled PLC Drive Systems in KEI-96D/EE & KEI-1320D/EE Series:

  • Energy Efficient / Power Saving.
  • Easy Changing of Spindle Speed / TPM with a Feather Touch of the display Screen.
  • No Down Time in Changing Spindle Speed & TPM thus, increased productivity.
  • Low Maintenance cost.
  • Display of RPM / TPM / Double Strokes / Production.
  • User Friendly & Low Noise Level.

TFO Yarn Machine
Description Specifications (Model KEI-96D & KEI-96D/EE Series) Model KEI-1320D New Series Model KEI-1320D/EE New Series
Pot Dia. (mm.) 190 220 300 190/220/260/300 190/220/260/300
No. Spindles 60/90 60/90 60/90 Up to 90 Up to 90
No. Sections 15 15 15 15 15
Spindle Pitch (mm.) 580/385 580/385 580/385 440 440
Twist Range (TPM) 50 & above 50 & above 50 & above 50 & above 50 & above
Feed Packages Cops/Cheese Cheese Cheese Cheese Cheese
Maximum Dia. (mm.) 180 210 290 180/210/250/290 180/210/250/290
Maximum Take-Up Package Dia. (mm.) 250 250 250 250 250
Traverse Stroke (mm.) 200/250 200/250 200/250 200/250 200/250
Take-Up Package (Kg.) 2-4 4-5 4-5 2-8 2-8
Max. Through-put Speed (mt/min) 120 120 120 120 120
Machine Length 18855 mm for KEI 96D & 19055 mm for KEI 96D/EE 21255 mm 21455 mm
Connected Load-(H.P.) 7.5 HP to 15 HP (Depending upon particular end use)
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