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Special Purpose Ruler

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RANGE: 0 to 140 mm.
FINISH: Satin Chrome or Black Chrome
Kristeel Shinwa has over 4 decades of experience in manufacturing International quality steel rules with etched graduations for easy reading thereby making the most reliable precise and accurate product We manufacture rulers in Accuracy standard of EEC Class I, II & III

Model Type Overall Rulers size in mm Ruler End
6″ Flexible 152.4 x 12.7×0.5 SQUARE ENDS
6″ Rigid 152.4 x 19.05 x 1.0 SQUARE ENDS
12″ Flexible 304.8 x 12.7 x 0.5 SQUARE ENDS
12″ Rigid 304.8 x 25.4 x 1.0 SQUARE ENDS
18″ Flexible 457 2 x 19.05 x 0.5 SQUARE ENDS
18″ Rigid 457.2 x 28.575 x 1.0 SQUARE ENDS
24″ Flexible 609.6 x 19.05 x 0.5 SQUARE ENDS
24″ Rigid 609.5 x 28.575 x 1.0 SQUARE ENDS


Graduation Type Front Side Reverse Side Ends
3R 32 NDS, 64 TH 10 THS, 50 THS SOR, ENDS
4R 32 NDS, 64 TH 8 THS, 16 THS SOR, ENDS
5R 32 NDS, 64 TH 10 THS, 100 THS SOR, ENDS
6R 10 THS, 50 THS No Graduation SOR, ENDS
10R 32 NDS, 64 TH No Graduation SOR, ENDS
12R 50 THS, 100 THS No Graduation SOR, ENDS
16R 32 NDS, 64 TH 50 THS, 100 THS SOR, ENDS
ENG/Metric 32 NDS, 64 TH MM, 1/2 mm SOR, ENDS
Metric MM, 1/2 mm No Graduation SOR, ENDS


All Flexible Rulers Thickness is 0.5 mm. All Rigid Rulers Thickness is 1.0 mm Finish Satin Chrome or Black Chrome Plated.


Apart from our most popular & standard Kristeel rulers, we are also manufacturing “SPECIAL PURPOSE MACHINE MOUNTING RULERS” according to your specifications, drawings or samples.

Following are the Salient features of our special purpose rulers: –

  • Rules are manufactured using special hardened and tempered Stainless Steel.
  • Each Rule are 0 grounded hence the end user can measure Rule from the zero graduation onwards.
  • Improves aesthetics of graduated part on your machine, as the operator/user always looks at the graduated part of Machine for settings.
  • Kristeel offers World Class EEC Class 1. II & III accuracy for the graduated part.
  • Manufactured as per customer specifications & finish (Polished/Hard Chrome) Logo & brief details, etc. can be etched Graduation on different profile can be etched viz cylindrical, semicircular radial & linear.
  • Main Scale & Vernier mounting Scale available. Also, various length of scales like 4000 mm. 5000 mm 6000mm, etc. can also be manufactured.
  • Rulers can be offered in polish or chrome finish Rulers can be supplied along with calibration certificate on request.

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